Individuals only: Teams and collaboration are not allowed. Each person registered for the CTF must compete independently.

Play nice: Don't be that person who leaks flags, tries to make our server eat a lot of packets too fast, or play the meta CTF and pop a shell on this box. Respect the game.

Writeups: If you successfully capture the flag, it is crucial that you take the time to create a write-up for the challenge that you solved. Outline any steps that you took, things you tried, tools you used. We want you to demonstrate your technical prowess to us. This will be the ultimate deciding factor for how we decide who the winners of the competition are. Creativity in your reports is highly encouraged!

Finalists: While this is a CTF with points involved, finalists will be determined by a committee of hackers mulling over the top performer's writeups to identify those who they believe demonstrated the most thorough and effective approach to the problems. Finalists will be contacted shortly after the competition has ended. If you do not submit a write up after completing the challenge, you will not be considered as a winner of the h1-202 CTF.